Learning Without Borders

Every year during the last week of the summer term, all Secondary students have the opportunity to take part in something new and exciting: they are offered a wide range of activities involving local trips and residentials abroad. These activities are designed to shake up our students’ routines while combining different extracurricular activities with a unique learning experience.

  • Geography trip to Iceland

In previous years, our students in Years 7-11 could choose, for instance, a geography trip to Iceland to discover its natural wonders formed by tectonic activity. They had the opportunity to see some of Iceland's famous volcanoes, walk across the boundary of two tectonic plates, bathe in thermal springs and explore the capital city, Reykjavik.

  • NASA trip

Other students opted to merge science, education and entertainment in NASA, Florida. They learnt about everyday challenges faced by astronauts, heard real-life stories from a NASA veteran, used state-of-the-art immersive simulators to take a spacewalk on Mars and then took an airboat tour to view some of Florida's unique wildlife.

Learning Without Borders Week offers many trip packages, such as

  • Lipno Sailing Trip
  • Paris and the French Revolution
  • Ways of Storytelling in London
  • Archeological ice age trip near Pavlov, Pálava
  • Horse Riding in Radiměř
  • Romanticism vs modernity: An exploration of Germany
  • A geography trip to Norway
  • Šumava wild camping trip
  • Artistic Barcelona
  • Science in Switzerland
  • Adventure Austria

Whether our students pick a local activity or a residential trip abroad, we ensure that LWBW is a highlight of every academic year at Park Lane.

You can see the photos from our trips in the gallery. 



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