Caroline Garner

Head of Art and Design Department

After graduating with BA Honours in Visual Arts at KIAD, my first overseas post was in Japan, working initially as a ESL instructor then working my way up to being the Kids Coordinator and Business & Travel English Coordinator. Despite enjoying that time immensely, I returned to the UK to complete my PGCE in order to combine my international teaching career with my true love of Art. Following this, I moved to Istanbul, Turkey to work at an international school before returning again to the UK to ensure I had gained my post-PGCE, QTS status. Having achieved this, I returned to Istanbul for many years to teach; the latter years being at the British International School, teaching KS3 Art & Design, IGCSE and IB Visual Arts in addition to becoming the IB CAS and Service Coordinator. After deciding to move on and leave Istanbul, I spent 2 years in Manila, the Philippines, teaching under the American curriculum as well as continuing to teach IB Visual Arts, and becoming an examiner for the IBDP.

I love my job and I have high ambitions for all of my students; valuing engagement, interaction and exploration in lessons. There is no better reward than seeing students apply their learning into creating tangible outcomes that they can be proud of.

Now having moved to Prague, I hope to continue inspiring young artists with my passion for learning and exploring new concepts and the world around us. Having first visited the Czech Republic over a decade ago, I am so enthused to be in a country with so much history and amazing architecture everywhere you turn. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, painting and traveling.