Christopher Boatwright

Teacher of English, English Literature & EAL, Health & Safety Officer

Raised in Kansas City, Kansas I graduated from the University of Missouri Kansas City in 2012 with a degree in Latin American Studies. My education required semesters abroad in Costa Rica and Argentina where I attended the University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires and the Spanish linguistics school of Conversa in Santa Ana, Costa Rica. After completing my B.A. I obtained a TEFL teaching certification and moved to Busan, South Korea where I taught English to university students. From Busan I moved to Shenzhen China, teaching for two years at the schools of Best Learning English and METEN Business English.
I have always had a love of languages and cultures and in 2015 I moved to Prague to start work at Park Lane as an EAL teacher. Prague is a beautiful city and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to live here. Similarly, Park Lane is a fantastic school with amazing students and an exceptional faculty to match. It is a privilege to work here and I hope to do so for many years to come