Kristi Barlow

Teacher of Mathematics

As a high school student in the U.S. my first passion was mathematics and especially geometry. After graduating from Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree in Social Anthropology, I pursued a new passion – documentary film – and ultimately became an award winning documentary film editor. The last feature length film I edited, Between the Folds, reconnected me to my love of mathematics and science and led me on a path to becoming a teacher. The NYC MfA program awarded me a fellowship that supported me in earning a Master’s degree in Mathematics Education plus provided ongoing professional development.

I spent the last 6 years teaching mathematics at the New York Harbor School, a unique maritime-focused public-private high school located on an island in the New York City harbor. There I primarily taught grades 9-11 (years 10-12), Geometry through Pre-Calculus.

I have lived in New York City for the past 20 years with my husband, Alex Marshall, who is a journalist and writer, and our two children Max and Eleanor Claire. Max is 16 and attends boarding school in the U.S. and Eleanor Claire is 3 and attends Nessie. This is our family’s first experience living abroad and we are excited to be here at Park Lane!