Nathalie Lossec

Head of MFL and Lead Teacher of French

Foreign languages and cultures have always been a passion for me. After graduating from the University of Western Brittany with a BA in English and French Civilisations and Literatures, I embraced the teaching world by doing a PGCE in Languages at Exeter University in 2002 and furthered my leadership skills with a MBA at the Tampere University in Finland.

I have spent 19 years teaching French, sometimes Spanish and/ or German both in the UK and internationally. I have experienced many different roles in varied schools, ranging from Head of year to Head of French, to Acting Head of MFL. Over the last 8 years, I was the Home Languages Coordinator and Curriculum Coordinator in an inner city secondary state school in London. Sharing a passion for foreign languages and cultures and having high expectations are, I think, keys to successful achievements. Furthermore it is my firm belief that the role of Language teacher is to make the target language available to students of all abilities and to give those students ownership of their own learning through building their confidence and maximising their success in the subject. Finally I also believe that Education is not only a science but also an art and as such I strongly value creativity.

My personal interests involve travelling, swimming and researching, especially on the topic of data safeguarding, data handling and EdTech innovations. I look forward to being part of the Park Lane school community.