Radka Kmochová

Teacher of Czech & Literature

I graduated in Czech Language and Literature and in Ethnology at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. During my studies, I completed two half-year educational exchanges, in Dublin and Berlin. I have worked as a language editor in a prominent Czech weekly and as a Czech language instructor in several language schools. After my three children were born, I graduated in Teaching at the Pedagogical Faculty, Charles University. As a teacher, I gained my experience at primary and high school levels.

What I like most about teaching is the fact that I can, together with the students, keep rediscovering both new horizons and the joy of reading. I am convinced that literature plays a unique role on the path towards adopting higher values and developing emotional life and intellect; that it cultivates and enriches social relations and develops communication skills.

For a long time, I have been interested in public space and in participation of children and youth in the designing process. I cooperate with the Child-Friendly City association and with the Architecture for Children platform. In the past years, I contributed to the organization of the conference of the same name.

Besides my love of reading, I co-own an old orchard and I believe in happy endings. Working in an international environment has always been my dream and I am happy to be able to fulfil it at Park Lane International School.