Tom Hayden

Year 1 C Teaching Partner and Pre School PE Teacher

My university degree, Physical Education and Youth sport, has shaped my career right from the beginning – first, I gained irreplaceable experience working with mentally and physically disabled people caring for them in everyday life. In October 2015, I was offered a coaching position in a children sports school in Hong Kong. The age of the kids ranged from 18 months to 16 years old and the school provided extensive courses, starting from tennis to rugby. I actively contributed to the HK Rugby League, both playing and overseeing the Junior division.
Fast forward two years later, I was ready for another adventure and moved to Prague where I pursued both teaching and coaching career. I became part of the “English team” at a language school, teaching and developing methodology for both kids and adults. In addition to this, I worked and continue to work with Prague Football English School, delivering carefully planned, fun and age appropriate football lessons to English and non-English speaking children aged 3-14 years old.

In my leisure time, I enjoy coaching and playing for Rugby Club Tatra Smichov, travelling and listening to music.