On Thursday, June 13, our Year 7 Czech students had the unique opportunity to participate in an engaging workshop led by Bára Dočkalová, the renowned Czech author of The Battle of the Diamond and The Secret of the Pebble Mountain. This workshop focused on using dramatic elements to bring literary characters to life, allowing students to delve into the creative process of character development. Bára Dočkalová guided the students through various exercises, helping them understand the nuances of creating compelling and relatable characters within a narrative framework.

Students developed literary characters in a workshop with Bára Dočkalová, gaining creativity and critical thinking skills.

Throughout the workshop, students actively engaged in hands-on activities that simulated the character creation process. They explored different scenarios and situations their characters might encounter, gaining a deeper understanding of how to develop personalities and backgrounds that resonate with readers. This immersive experience not only enhanced their literary skills but also fostered creativity and critical thinking, providing them with valuable tools for their future writing endeavours. The workshop was a resounding success, leaving students inspired and eager to apply their newfound knowledge to their own storytelling projects.