The End-of-Year Celebration and Prize-Giving Ceremony was a remarkable event held at Ledeburská Zahrada, Valdštejnská 158/14, marking the achievements and milestones of our students. The beautiful garden setting provided a perfect backdrop for this memorable occasion.

The evening began with arrivals and registration, followed by a warm welcome speech from our Principal, Paul Ingarfield. The Primary School Choir then set a joyous tone for the evening with their delightful performance.

From 17:35 to 18:30, we celebrated the accomplishments of our students through the Primary and Secondary School Award Ceremony. This segment included inspiring speeches and engaging videos that highlighted the hard work and dedication of our learners throughout the year. One of the most anticipated moments of the evening was the Year 6 Graduation, held from 18:30 to 18:45. It was a proud moment for the students and their families, marking the transition to the next phase of their educational journey.

End of Year Ceremony at Ledeburská zahrada 2024

The ceremony concluded with the Principal’s Prize and a final word from Paul Ingarfield acknowledging the outstanding efforts of both students and staff. The celebration continued with refreshments and performances by the Secondary Bands, providing a festive end to a memorable evening.

The End-of-Year Celebration at Ledeburská Zahrada was a fitting tribute to the achievements of our school community, bringing together students, staff, and families in a joyful and celebratory atmosphere.