University & Careers Guidance

The University and Careers Advisor aims to educate and assist students, their parents, and/or legal guardians about post-secondary educational and career pathways, including the university application processes for U.K., Europe, U.S., Canada and the rest of the world. By providing information, awareness and guidance around the detailed nature and numerous steps needed for successful university applications, the University and Careers Advisor is an essential resource for upper-secondary students at Park Lane.

In Year 11, as students begin to make their IB course selection for the following academic year, they also consider how these subjects might align with their post-secondary interests. Both the student and their parents are encouraged to discuss their many options with the IB Coordinator and the University & Careers Advisor.


In Year 12, students are given both group and individually targeted information in the form of ongoing classroom workshops (aka, Uni Prep) as well as personalised 1-on-1 meetings. Through these workshops and meetings, students will find not only the best fit for their potential undergraduate studies and higher education but will also explore viable alternatives toward this as well as their career interests. The aim is to engage students and ensure that they take ownership and are proactively involved in their post-secondary objectives from the university research process to finalising their university shortlist at the end of Year 12 and then, completing their university applications in Year 13.

In their final year of the IB Diploma course, Year 13 students will need to manage multiple internal and external deadlines, some of which are concurrent. It is important to emphasise that while students have access to reliable information, resources, tools and guidance, they are ultimately responsible for reviewing and completing all components of a university application as well as communicating in a timely manner of any supporting documents required for their application (e.g. academic transcripts, teacher letters of reference, etc.). This reinforces the importance of the delivery of relevant content throughout Year 12.

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