Czech Programme

Czech for native speakers

For Czech children we offer an intensive Czech programme which enables them to fulfill the obligatory school attendance required by the Ministry of Education. 

The Czech programme

  • begins with the Reception class (children aged 4-5 years).
  • It covers the compulsory 9 years of schooling (Y2 to Y10).
  • Pupils of Czech nationality are formally registered in the Czech primary school from Year 2 onwards where they continuously take comparative exams in the prescribed subjects. Parents can register children in any Czech state school close to their home address or at ZŠ Jeseniova as that school cooperates closely with Park Lane.
  • In the first stage pupils learn Czech grammar, mathematics and local history and in the second stage geography and history are included.
  • In Year 11 students have the opportunity to take the IGCSE exam in Czech language studies.
  • In Years 12 and 13 students can choose Czech literature as part of the IB Diploma Programme.


Czech as an additional language

Naturally, it is advantageous for foreign children living in Prague to develop an understanding of the Czech language during their stay at Park Lane. Our Czech as an additional language (CAL) programme enables our international pupils to learn and develop their knowledge of Czech. CAL classes are scheduled five times a week in Primary and Secondary. This gives the students more opportunities to learn Czech grammar and use the language practically.