Extracurricular acitvities


Park Lane International School runs a successful after school club programme, where activities encourage confidence, teach new skills and allow children to socialise with pupils from other classes.

We provide after school clubs and activities for children in Reception – upwards from 15.30 to 16.15 (intenal clubs) or 16.30 (external clubs).

In the current academic year, Park Lane International School’s clubs programme is divided into the following sessions:

  • Session 1 12th September – 13th December 2022
  • Session 2 9th January – 24th March 2023
  • Session 3 17th April – 23rd June 2023

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Prague 6 Supervision

At Park Lane International School, we offer morning supervision from 08.00 to 08:45 for all pupils from Nursery to Year 5. Our ‘After –school supervision’ runs from 15:30-16:30 and is open to pupils from Nursery to Year 1. From 16:30 until 17:00, we offer a ‘Late Supervision’ service for pupils from Nursery to Year 5.

This provision is a complimentary service for you to use if your child arrives at school early or has to be picked up late. The children have supervised free play and social time before the school day begins and can enjoy our playground facilities. If you use this service, please take your child outside to the member of staff on duty. At the end of the day, the children can be collected from Supervision and we kindly ask that you inform the member of staff on duty when you are taking your child.

It is essential that you register your child for ‘After-school and Late supervision’ in order to ensure that we have safe and effective staffing ratios in place.
Thank you for your support.

Prague 1 Supervision

We offer morning supervision at our Prague 1 campus from 08.00 to 08.20 and after school Homework Club from 15.30 to 17.00. Morning supervision is held in the school library, the children have the opportunity to read a book or use the primary laptops to complete educational interactive activities via ‘Education City’. This calm learning environment engages children before the school day begins.

Afternoon Homework Club is held in an allocated classroom and is led by a member of the Park Lane teaching staff. During Homework club, the children have the opportunity to complete homework, enjoy a book or access educational software using the primary laptops. At the end of the day, the children can be collected from Homework Club and we kindly ask that you inform the member of staff on duty when you are taking your child.

School Trips and Residentials

Outings and Excursions

Park Lane International School is situated close to some places of great interest – all within an easy coach journey or by the public transport system.

Teachers are actively encouraged to arrange visits to support and enrich curriculum activities. These normally take place at least 3 times a year. Parents are kindly asked to support these extended learning opportunities and pay or contribute to the cost of particular excursions or residentials as appropriate. Parents will be notified in advance of particular year group trips and their costs.

Our programme of Residential visits builds on these experiences and enables the staff to directly focus visits to enrich our curriculum. Wherever possible and appropriate, experts will supplement the skills of our teaching staff to provide the detailed knowledge required to enable a child to gain the most from their visit.

Learning Without Borders

Every year during the last week of the summer term, all Secondary students have the opportunity to take part in something new and exciting: they are offered a wide range of activities involving local trips and residentials abroad. These activities are designed to shake up our students’ routines while combining different extracurricular activities with a unique learning experience.

  • Geography trip to Iceland

In previous years, our students in Years 7-11 could choose, for instance, a geography trip to Iceland to discover its natural wonders formed by tectonic activity. They had the opportunity to see some of Iceland’s famous volcanoes, walk across the boundary of two tectonic plates, bathe in thermal springs and explore the capital city, Reykjavik.

  • NASA trip

Other students opted to merge science, education and entertainment in NASA, Florida. They learnt about everyday challenges faced by astronauts, heard real-life stories from a NASA veteran, used state-of-the-art immersive simulators to take a spacewalk on Mars and then took an airboat tour to view some of Florida’s unique wildlife.

Learning Without Borders Week offers many trip packages, such as

  • Lipno Sailing Trip
  • Paris and the French Revolution
  • Ways of Storytelling in London
  • Archeological ice age trip near Pavlov, Pálava
  • Horse Riding in Radiměř
  • Romanticism vs modernity: An exploration of Germany
  • A geography trip to Norway
  • Šumava wild camping trip
  • Artistic Barcelona
  • Science in Switzerland
  • Adventure Austria

Whether our students pick a local activity or a residential trip abroad, we ensure that LWBW is a highlight of every academic year at Park Lane.

You can see the photos from our trips in the gallery.


Sport Teams

We offer a wide range of PE activities and extra curricular sports which can vary from term to term. We participate on a regular basis in competitive fixtures and tournaments within the International school network in the Czech Republic. Park Lane has hosted overseas touring teams as well as hosting an international sports event last year which was a big success and eventually won by a school from Moscow. Apart from competitions, we have given our elite level students access to sports professionals who have shared their expertise and insights into sports psychology, strength and conditioning, nutrition for sport, injury prevention and key advice on how to reach the top.


Music is a universal language.

Park Lane strongly believes in the importance of music and incorporates it throughout a student’s years with us. Accordingly, music is central to our school culture.

At Park Lane, music extends well beyond the classroom as we have a wide range of enrichment opportunities available to students of all ages. Our youngest pupils receive a strong musical education and prepares them for the rigours of secondary school where graduates can complete the IGCSE music programme and the IB DP music programme. Extra-curricular activities both complement and enrich the lessons in the classroom.

Ensembles at Park Lane:

  •  Park Lane Primary Choir
  •  Secondary Vocal Ensemble
  •  6 Rock Bands (after-school activity)
  •  8 bands working within the music lessons

All of the above ensembles are given frequent opportunities to showcase themselves in school and in public. Most recently, our ensembles have performed at The British Chamber of Commerce, the Park Lane Prize-Giving Ceremonies, our Winter Market and International Day, PTA events, the Park Lane Matinée Classic. In addition, they have participated in international competitions in Spain and the Netherlands and, of course, at The Sound of Park Lane, our annual musical extravaganza held at the Prague Crossroads, a famous project undertaken by the Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation.

COBIS – International Music festival and competition
2017 / Category Rock Bands – 3rd Prize
2018 / Category Rock Instrumental Solo – 1st Prize
2019 / Category Rock Instrumental Solo – 1st Prize
Category Classical Instruments – 1st Prize
Category Rock Bands – 1st Prize
Category Piano Solo – 3rd Prize

As a sign of our dedication to music, Park Lane is proud to announce that as of September 2019, our music programme will be using an Essex Grand Concert piano from Steinway & Sons.

Model United Nations

 The MUN is a simulation of work done within the United Nations. During a conference, students from different backgrounds gather to discuss issues the world faces on a daily basis; delegates are challenged to research assigned topics relating to human rights, security, economics and education. The entire conference is student-led, making the event exclusive to teenagers. Thousands of middle school, high school, and college students around the world participate in Model United Nations, which involves substantial researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, as well as critical thinking, teamwork and leadership abilities.

From 2015-16, selected Park Lane pupils aged 12+ have begun to participate in Model United Nations (MUN) conferences. We have had great successes over the last three years and have accumulated significant experience and this has given us the confidence to take it a step further.

PLISMUN22 was a huge success. We welcomed over 100 students, from countries such as France, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. We had 7 different committees discussing topics from LGBTQ+ rights to the War in Darfur. Across the 4-day event, many heated (but fun) debates were held.

This year, PLISMUN23 will be held at our new Úvoz site for the first time. A team of 20+ students, mostly from Y12 and Y13,  are already busy organizing everything. The best of the best of our school are working together to tackle the challenge of making this years PLISMUN the greatest ever. We will aim to have 135 delegates across 7 committees and have even got a delegation coming over from the Sunny state of California, USA.

Park Lane’s dedication and involvement in MUN further, reinforces our aim to produce resourceful and responsible global citizens. The knowledge and skills developed over many years and many conferences will put our students on the right path towards lifelong success.

Duke of Edinburgh IA

What is the D of E award?

The Duke of Edinburgh International award is the world’s leading youth achievement award, spanning over 60 years and it is active in over 140 nations. The award emphasises that not all learning happens in the classroom. Young people will gain personal and interpersonal skills that they can use throughout their life, equipping them for careers and working with others.

The award has three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The different levels push young people to their personal limits and when each award is completed they are presented with a prestigious award that is recognised worldwide by universities, colleges and workplaces. The Duke of Edinburgh award plays a great part in young people’s personal development and it has no competitive elements.

Young people will plan, complete and evaluate both independently and as part of team in order to be successful. In order to be successful students will complete a Service, Skill, Physical Recreation and an Adventurous Journey.

Service: young people will volunteer their time to provide a service to their community (eg: helping in a hotel/ retirement home/ charity)

Skill: this section encourages young people to develop their personal interests, practical and social skills (eg: learning a new musical instrument, coaching in a primary school)

Physical Recreation: this section encourages young people to participate in sport or other physical recreation with the aim to improve their health and fitness.

Adventurous journey: this section, and arguably the most exciting section is where young people undertake a team journey or expedition. As part of a small team participants will train, plan and complete a journey, with an aim, in an unfamiliar environment.  Groups will take part in weekly training sessions.

A few examples of the training sessions are: First Aid, Countryside Code, Camping, Campsite cooking and nutrition, Map reading, Route planning etc. Mr Garner, Mr Sandiford and Mr Dunwell combine to coordinate the training sessions to ensure that students are as best prepared as possible for each expedition 

Where it all started?

The award started in the 1950’s in the UK and it was designed to attract young boys who didn’t want to join the popular Scouting Association. One year later the award was opened up to girls and ever since this the award has been growing and growing with around 47million young participants currently involved.

Who is taking part and what have they achieved?

Because of the age restrictions students can only start the Duke of Edinburgh award in Year 10 at Park Lane.
In 2016 the award was introduced here at Park Lane and since then the school has seen students collect over 30 Bronze awards and over 15 Silver awards, with more girls completing the award than boys. The first Gold expedition will take place in October 2019.

The prestigious awards ceremonies have taken place in the Old Town Hall next to the Astronomical Clock and at the České muzeum hudby, both over which see around 6 international schools attend and around 200 students collecting awards.

Why Park Lane?

Why not!? As more students are attending Park Lane than ever before, there is no better time to give students the opportunity to take part in this highly acclaimed award. Park Lane International School has several trained coordinators and assessors allowing participants to have the best and most rewarding experience possible. We look forward to having you join in the DofE award!

Film Festival

The  Park Lane International Film Festival (PLIFF) is a visual celebration by our artistic and creative Year 7, 8 and 9 students. 

The film crews have worked for weeks to bring you our 6th annual Film Festival.

The theme this year is based around The Beatles songs. The film crews take a Beatles song as their inspiration to make a short film based around that title.

This year the festival has taken on a cross curricular element. The Music department will be working with the Art department to create musical scores to accompany some of the films to be screened and we are very excited about this new addition to the festival.

The festival is hosted in beautiful Prague, in the Czech Republic where the weather is nice and not too hot at the beginning of summer or the end of spring.
A perfect location for the creative endeavors undertaken during the festival.

If this sparks your interest, click here and you can reach our website dedicated to the Festival.

This year we will be screening the best entries at the Kino35 at the French Institute in Prague.

We look forward to seeing you as Parents, music-makers and of course film-makers at the screening.