Primary School

At Park Lane we recognise the importance of reading and are keen to show children the amazing journeys they can go on simply by opening up a book.

Our library at Park Lane is filled with hundreds of wonderful books for children and teenagers. We have four main sections: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Junior Fiction, and Czech. The sections are clearly labelled and marked with different colour-coded stickers to make it easy for the pupils to navigate. Our Non-Fiction section is divided into different categories: Science, Maths, English, Art, Health and Wellbeing, History and Geography. As an international school, we also have a Czech section and a small selection of books in other languages such as Russian and French. We have many popular fiction and non -fiction series for our pupils and work closely with both Usborne and Scholastic to keep our shelves fully stocked with the most recent and popular books for children.

Our library at Norbertov is open Monday to Friday from 8:00-16:00.

Secondary School

The Learning Centre is central to the school and learning. Students from Y6 to Y9 have a dedicated lesson each week in the Learning Centre. During this time their reading progress is monitored, they are able to change books as well as read and complete Accelerated Reading Quizzes. The lessons are also used to develop research skills. The LC is open every morning for Year 6 students to “drop-in” to change books or to complete an AR quiz.

Throughout the year students take an online reading test which helps us to ensure that they are reading books which are at an appropriate level. Difficult enough to be a challenge and not too difficult so that the student is discouraged or unable to properly comprehend the book. Hence all the books are colour-marked to easily find the book at their level. Our students also take online quizzes upon finishing a book so they no longer need “reading diary.” Students are challenged to read 1,000,000 words and are rewarded when they do so.

The Learning Centre is also open most lunchtimes on a sign-up basis for both Y6 and Secondary student and is invariably well attended.

Collaborative themes

Prague 1 has a collaborative cross-curricular theme each month and the Learning Centre actively participates in each of these. The themes often involve visits, speakers or special projects. Examples of cross-curricular themes include: Sustainability, Shakespeare, The Festival of Mathematics and Celebrating 100 years of Czechoslovakia. During this theme, the LC was turned into a museum of Czechoslovakian artefacts. 

Book Fairs at Park Lane

Last year the LC hosted three book Fairs, two for English books and one for Czech books. Usborne books bring a wide array of reading materials which are always very popular with the students. The Czech Book Fair also proved hugely popular and this is something we hope to continue.