Admissions to IB Diploma Programme

Students applying to study the IB Diploma Programme courses will have to demonstrate their academic ability and positive approach to learning. There is no guaranteed entry from the IGCSE Programme into the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). All students wishing to study the IBDP are expected to provide evidence of their eligibility for the programme. In addition to IGCSE achievement, the Year 11 report may form part of the admission process.

Further to the above, the following principles will apply:

  • In order to enter the IBDP programme, Park Lane students are expected to have achieved A* to C grades in at least 8 subjects at IGCSE.
  • In order to study a subject, which had previously been studied at IGCSE, at IB HL, it is expected that the student will achieve an A* to B grade (except for IB Maths HL, where an A or A* grade at IGCSE will be a prerequisite).
  • To study a subject previously studied at IGCSE at IB SL, it is expected that the student will achieve at least a C grade.
  • If a student decides to study new subjects, which they have not studied at IGCSE, entry to the course will be considered in relation to attainment in subjects that are naturally related: in order to choose Psychology at IB, a student’s results in English, Biology and Maths will be taken into consideration. Each student’s choice will be considered individually with the respective Subject Leader, the DoS and the DPC.
  • External candidates for the IB diploma with no IGCSE results will sit entrance exams in English, Maths, non/verbal reasoning (and Czech in case of the Czech nationals). Reports from their previous previous school(s) will be considered. Viable candidates will be interviewed before acceptance.

The above considerations will apply during the process of the IB subject choices at the beginning of the 2nd term of Year 11. As IGCSE results are not available until mid-August, the most recent report grades/predicted grades (which are data based grades) will be used.