Monday 23rd January sees the introduction of a new collaborative theme – Act it Out. This theme is led by the English department. There will be lots of speakers and workshops from student actors such as Barbara H in Y9 and from parents such as Maya Volava who is a casting director.
Lots of other departments will also be collaborating. In the Learning Centre students will be challenged to decide whether quotes come from Beyonce or the Bard! It is actually harder than you think.

In Computer Science students will either be a character, control, the keyboard or the mouse  while other students will help/supervise if the algorithm is executed properly. That sounds like lots of fun. Whilst in Czech students will invent their own character, and act out how the character behaves in different environments.

After all, as the great Bard once said, “All the World’s a Stage!”

Sue Gifford
Learning Centre Coordinator