Aquathlon became a very popular competition among the Primary Park Lane pupils. Prague 6 ended up in the 3rd position out of 14 parts of Prague and Park Lane was part of it! Our school came 10th out of 28 schools which is a very good result.

Zuzka Y5M is our most successful participant and came 10th out of 94 racers in the overall results. She joined 7 Aquathlons out of 8! Freya Y5L came 27th and joined 5 competitions.

Among the boys the most successful was Ben Y5D who joined 4 races and came 18th out of 118 participants! Simon Y5L came in 19th position and enjoyed 6 Aquathlons. Noah Y5L has been 5 times and ended up 22nd. The excellent results came from Tykhon Y5M who joined only 3 competitions and in the overall results he is in 27th position.

I would like to say BIG well done to all of our participants and a BIG thank you to you all for all your hard work and dedication. The competitions were in the early morning hours and in different parts of Prague. Your effort is highly appreciated!

Every Aquathlon was accompanied by big smiles from our pupils and the last one in Petynka – the most popular one –  was no exception! I am looking forward to the next 23rd! Aquathlon season!

Lucie Měchová
Pe Teacher Primary