What a fantastic morning! Very well done to all swim and run athletes who were already in a pool racing at 07:30am! They all deserved a small treat for waking up so early to stay a bit longer in the aquapark enjoying slides and a little warm pool.

Simon, Noah, Jan, Zuzka, Františka and Freya participated in the next Aquathlon at Jedenactka VS pool and outdoor area last Tuesday. They all got used to the routines and became Aquathlon professionals who started to enjoy all things around the event. 50 metres of swim and 500 metres of run became easier for them and they all are getting better and better in their times and places. I am very very proud of all of you not just that you are improving your fitness but also for your attitude towards sport participation and dedication to sport events! Looking forward to the next one!

Lucie Měchová
PE Teacher