“An activity a day helps keep the bullies at bay”
Each year schools across the UK and the world place a spotlight on the issues caused by bullying. At Park Lane we define bullying as “unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.
Whereas meanness is defined as  “Saying or doing something to intentionally hurt or upset an individual once (or maybe twice)”. Whether it is meanness or bullying the effects on the victim, the perpetrator or bystanders can be both serious and long-lasting. Our theme this year is “Challenge it! Report it! Change it!” (A. Haase, 2022) and we are encouraging all students to take a stand against such negative behaviour. Each day this week students will engage in an activity during tutor time that encourages all students to actively discourage bullying.
What support is available to students who are being bullied or suffering from the mean behaviour of others?
Students can get support from :

  • Their tutors or any teacher
  • Their Head of Year
  • Ms. Warne, Head Safeguarding Lead
  • Dr. Jana or Dr. Charlotte.

If a student wants to report a problem anonymously they can do so using “Tootoot” which all Park Lane students have access to. The week kicks off with Odd Sock Day on Monday and all students and Staff at Park Lane are encouraged to come to school wearing odd socks to show how unique we all are. So let us all join together to make Park Lane a happy and safe place for all our students.