Last Wednesday all KS2 (Y3-6) children took part in the House sport event Benchball Games 2021. This whole half term the pupils have been practising their handball skills and moving into space drills and now they could sell their hard work in a big tournament.

All 16 teams had a great time playing against each other. Every house had two teams, nominated captain and a professional coach. Y5 and Y6 children with 8 teams experienced for the first time the big Tournament with 2 groups A and B, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and the Final. Y3 and Y4 children had their very first games in the main Tatran hall and their 8 teams also experienced 2 groups tournament with a big Final.

During the games, there was great excitement with some very close scores as well as some superb throwing, catching, final dribbling skills, and moving into space or even marking a player. Many of the children showed strong teamwork and support of each other during the event. All teams proved excellent sportsmanship.

Among Y3 and Y4 teams Earth B was particularly successful, defeating every team on the court and won the big Final against FIRE A. Well done EARTH B.

Among the Y5 and Y6 teams the house Fire dominated the whole tournament and Fire A and Fire B met each other in the big final. After a very close game, FIRE B won. Well done FIRE B.

After putting all the scores together the winner of KS2 Benchball is a house FIRE. Fantastic job! We look forward to further House events with the next one being Floorball.