Our ‘Adventures in Shape’ continued this week with a documentary screening and a session given by our very own Ms Barlow to all KS3 students. Ms Barlow edited and co-directed the film ‘Between the Folds’ that ‘explores the intersection between science, art, theory, math, and design through the lens of advanced paper folding’.

In the words of Mr Ingarfield: ‘A truly fascinating documentary and a particularly interesting correlation between the intricacies of the folding and the editing – with some level of alchemy at work in both cases! And thank you for introducing me to Olympic standard origami!’

Interested? You can watch this film.

The students used the film as an inspiration to pursue some rather interesting shapes in the follow up activities. From a hyperbolic paraboloid, no glue dodecahedron to the Miura fold, the maths classes transformed into artistic workshops, albeit with our signature mathematical rigour, that paper folding definitely requires.