Recently all the children from year one to year six participated in a bring your instrument to school music lesson. Each class started off
discussing how we should behave as part of an audience. We talked about how and why we show respect to the performer and I was incredibly impressed with the respectful spaces that we created for our performers.

The musical talent at Park Lane is fantastic to see and hear. The performers played with skill and attention to the music and their performances prompted great discussion. We had a brilliant range of instruments including the piano (keyboard), drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, triangle, recorder, violin, voice and recordings of compositions. The music that we heard ranged from Classical to pop with some children even performing their own compositions that they had created on instruments or software.

EYFS got involved by playing on the keyboard and having time to experiment with the different sounds that they could make. The bring your instrument to school initiative will continue at various points in each school year so that performers get a chance to work towards a performance and we get to see the musical growth as the children go through school.

Please remember that if you wish to sign your child up with a music lesson, you can enter your information into this form and you will be contacted by a representative from the International school of Music and Fine arts Prague about logistics. A huge thank you and well done to all performers and audience members.

Miss Rosie
EYFS and Primary Music and Drama specialist