We celebrated British Science week 2023 in Nessie with a number of activities throughout the week which culminated in a treasure hunt on Friday 17th March involving the whole school. As we celebrate togetherness, after a period where isolation was a sad but necessary reality, ‘Connections’ was an apt theme for British Science Week 2023.

We created some fun activities for each class to complete during the week. The first activity was ‘Happy Smells’. This activity focuses on our sense of smell and was run in group. We can identify thousands of smells. They can warn us of danger, for example, smoke from a fire. It can also make us happy when we smell something we like.

The next activity was ‘Wildlife Faces’. Children developed their observational skills, and knowledge of the names and features of living things typically found in parks, gardens, fields, and hedgerows. Not only did children connect wildlife images, but they were also making connections between different types of animals, noticing similarities and differences.