Year 7 students are beginning a unit on colour, memory, and still life, which focuses on the artwork of Wayne Thiebaud. The students are learning to apply the art element of value to generate tints, shades, and tones. This process enhances the form of objects and creates the illusion of three-dimensional shapes by studying the anatomy of light and shadow.

Year 7 students focusing on the artwork of Wayne Thiebaud.

Wayne Thiebaud is an American painter known for his colorful and vibrant depictions of everyday objects, particularly food items such as pies, cakes, and ice cream cones. His style is characterized by bold colors, thick brushstrokes, and a sense of playfulness. Thiebaud’s artwork often explores themes of consumerism, nostalgia, and the American experience. He is associated with the Pop Art movement but has also been influenced by the traditions of still life painting and abstraction.