I would like to thank everyone who supported the charity for the elderly and our annual Smile collection. We produced 17 presents for grannies in the home for seniors and collected nearly all presents from the gift list for children from the orphanage in Dolní Počernice. We also donated 11 500 CZK cash for the cinema tickets. The total sum was raised from school bake sales, Student Council fairs and Winter Market stalls – thank you to all those who participated in any way. Our amazing Y12 students arranged a sponsorship present: clothes and accessories from the Merch worth 10 000 CZK for children from the orphanage. Well done, team!

I believe we can be proud for the work of the students, who made more than 100 people happy during the Christmas.

Thank you.

Next week, we will announce new CAS projects, and there is a lot to look forward to:)

Iveta Slavětínská
CAS Coordinator