Last Monday evening, choir had a super showcase. The aim of this was to show parents, carers, family and friends what happens in a Monday choir rehearsal. I was so proud of the children who took us through a vocal warm up, explaining very confidently and clearly how and why we warm up. Well done to the parents who joined in with us!

We then sang four songs. These were Bones by Imagine Dragons (a choir favourite), This is me by Keale Settle (with super solos and duets), Cover me in Sunshine by Pink (with more fantastic solos and duets) and finally I get around by the Beach Boys (singing in 2-part harmony). Performing a solo, duet or reading can be very nerve-wracking yet all children who took on these roles volunteered for them which showed me how many brave and talented children we have at Park Lane international school! I cannot wait for the upcoming performances.

Miss Rosie Payne
Music Teacher