I would like to commend the following student for going over and above this weekend to represent the school. The 2021 COBIS virtual debate competition was a fierce battle of wits and intellect fought between around 30 schools from around the world.

Motions were contemporary, contentious and relevant:

  • This House believes that hosting the Olympic Games does more harm than good to a country
  • This House believes that digital technology has done more to disconnect than connect us.
  • This House believes that it is legitimate to break the law in order to protect the environment
  • This House believes that children make better leaders than adults

Team 2 should be really proud of their efforts, each debate really went down to the wire and went their way in the first unseen debate. They showed great team spirit and coordination even when under pressure.

Team 1 performed so well that they made it to the semi-finals and won! That means they were in the top 8 teams out of around 50. Unfortunately, due to the competition scoring system, team 1 didn’t go through to the final.
Well done to everyone involved!
Richard McLean, director of studies