Current areas of support

Construction of the Secondary School

Park Lane International School has initiated the construction of a secondary school. This project was triggered by the lack of premises for the secondary students, who continue to study in the Kawaza primary school.

A company has been hired in Nsefu to dig the borehole which is a prerequisite for any construction to begin. The soil is quite sandy there and there is only one company in the area which can work in such conditions.

The funding for this project has already been allocated. It is a long term plan which should be completed with the opening of a newly built secondary school in 2021/22.


Fundraising projects to support the primary schools in the area

  • The children in the Nsefu primary schools lack the basic equipment such as pens, pencils, rulers, paper and other stationery. There have already been some minor projects which address these needs.
  • Last year (in December 2018) a group of KS4 students ran a Winter market stall selling chilli. This was PLIS’s first-ever little Zambia project which, along with the hot wine stall, raised about 14 000 CZK.
  • Students from KS3 spent almost every lunchtime for a few weeks before this year’s Park Lane Winter market and crafted some wonderful earrings and bracelets, being supported by Mrs Slavětínská. These were sold successfully at the Winter market and, along with the stall selling wine (Wine for Zambia), a hot wine stall and the bottle raffle we have raised about 33 000,- CZK this year.

Would you like to support this project? Please contact 
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