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  • Help with education
  • Support conservation projects
  • Involve our students – educational purpose

Current plans underway:  Financial support of building a secondary school (block of 3 classrooms + office, incl. water borehole, toilettes).
Short term fundraising projects to support the primary schools in the NSEFU area- involvement our students, the realisation of school activities and project with the aim to raise money for:

  • Stationery
  • Books
  • Chairs, tables
  • Borehole in the community school
  • Conservation projects

Zambia, the country

Picture of youthful Mr Burcher with his Mum, Christmas 1970


Between Europe and the Copperbelt

Five years ago I found myself whiling away an afternoon with a Chinese colleague in a Suzhou teashop. We were working together on a teacher training initiative for the province of Jiangsu, and after a frantic first morning, we were getting to know each other a bit better over a cup of oolong. Inevitably, the “where are you from?” a question came up, something I’ve as You see, I was born in 1970 in the young Republic of Zambia to British parents, and held a Zambian passport until I was 16. It was only because the strictness of Zambian law on dual nationality forced me to renounce my citizenship (I’m British through my parents); I remember my 16th birthday as a slightly sad one because of this. Read more

Picture of youthful Mr Burcher with his Mum, Christmas 1970

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