Strike a pose with yoga

Students have been asked to try out some of the different yoga poses we have put together.

The challenge is: 

  • Try out some of the different poses we have put together.
  • You can start with the beginner ones and see how many you are able to do.
  • Go slowly and try to hold each pose 2 times for 3-5 breaths.
  • Pick 5 poses and see if you can link them together in a flowing sequence.
  • Practice running through your sequence 2 times until you can do it easily.
  • Think about the difficulty of your poses and how smoothly they flow together.
  • Take a picture of yourself demonstrating a favourite pose and upload to our Winter Wellbeing Hub

See the rules of this challenge here.

For Primary students, there is an exciting yoga quest run by Cosmic Yoga kids online.