In December a group of Year 11/12 and 13 students had an opportunity to participate in the live ‘Computing in Action’ conference from London over zoom. From entertaining lectures about financial markets and algorithms behind animations to how Computational Biology can help fight cancers, our students were wowed and inspired by some of the possibilities that computing creates. See below for some of their reflections on event:

There were many riveting lectures throughout the day. I was especially impressed with Amanda Prorok’s lecture – professor at the University of Cambridge – who gave us a fascinating insight into a decentralised system inspired by nature, where interactions between individual robots in a large swarm can create many interesting solutions. This method will definitely be used a lot in the future since it is much safer and more efficient to use rather than the implementation of human drivers, as the robots do not think just about just themselves, they rather think about the whole.

Jan K.
Year 11


I must say that my highlight was the presentation by Amanda Prorok about robotics and how collective intelligence would be successful at alleviating the problems of traffic. Using communication between different computer systems allows them to work together more effectively and in turn, they can achieve more things in a more efficient way. Robots, such as cars and drones, can act in flocks, moving in synchrony with each other and being able to do more things that would not be possible by themselves.

Marek Z. and Robbie B.
Year 11