On May 19, a concert by students from international schools took place in the Martinů Hall, Liechtenstein Palace, which is the seat of HAMU. They performed with the prominent Prague orchestra PKF. Three of the performers were Park Lane students. Kanon S. played Concerto for violin and orchestra by Ch. A. Bériot, Our Y13 student David S. played the beautiful Concerto Romantique by C. Rollin, and the real highlight of the concert was one of the most challenging and beautiful concertos for piano and orchestra by S. Rachmaninoff – Concerto C minor No. 2. masterfully played by our graduate Jakub C.

The timings of our students’ performances are below:
Kanon: 13:41
David: 33:49
Jakub: 42:47

Lada Bartošová
Head of Music