Primary parents had the opportunity to visit the Curriculum Clinics workshop last week.

Aims of the Clinic were:
– The CPA (
Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract) Approach
– Key aims of the mathematics curriculum
– Good practice in mathematics
– To provide ideas that can be used at home to support children’s math’s development

Workshop ended with some instructions for parents: “How you can help at home”
A focus on mental calculations
The ability to estimate
To use mathematics in a real life context
To ask children to explain how they have calculated something using a method that suits them
– Support children with written calculations following the progression in the calculations policy
– Ensure children are confident with their addition bonds and multiplication tables (up to 12×12) – and make sure they can use the related inverse facts too!

We look forward to meeting you again during the next ICT Curriculum Clinic: on Monday December 5th with Mr Jakub and Mr Joe !