IB Diploma scholarship programme

The IB DP scholarship programme for academically-gifted secondary school students is offered to students wishing to join the IB Diploma Programme, which begins in Year 12 (16-17).


  • Applicants are chosen through a challenging selection process which tests English and mathematical ability as well as logic and reasoning skills, and the applicant’s personal capacity to benefit from Park Lane’s learner-centred pedagogy. The selection committee, led by the school principal, assesses each applicant’s school records for the last two years and conducts interviews with the candidate and his / her parents.
  • All students wishing to join the IB Diploma Programme must provide evidence of their readiness to embark on this academically rigorous programme of study.
  • Applicants are required to take entrance examinations (English, Mathematics and aptitude tests), must provide school reports for their studies and a motivation letter.
  • Students who excel in the entry tests, and those who are able to demonstrate a strong record of success in their IGCSE, GCSE or equivalent in another school system, will be eligible for scholarships.
  • 31st March, 2023 – Deadline for IB scholarship applications
  • 3rd April, 2023 – Entrance exams for IB scholarship candidates

For further information please contact Mrs Karolína Schreiberová tel: +420 603 489 369 karolina.schreiberova@parklane-is.com