On Wednesday the 27th of September marked the commencement of our final assessed Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Adventurous Journey, which took us to the serene landscapes of Nízké Tatry in Slovakia. Our four-day hiking expedition included three nights of camping at diverse locations. Throughout the trip, we carried all of our equipment, with a significant portion of our bags filled with food provisions. We were also responsible for navigation with maps and compasses, cooking and camp craft. A notable achievement during our journey was ascending Homôľka, where we reached the highest point of 1660 meters above sea level on the 3rd day. In an interesting turn of events, our journey was punctuated by what we believed to be the growls of bears; thankfully we were equipped with bear bells to deter any potential encounters. All students passed. Immense gratitude goes to Mr. Dunwell, Ms. Szymecka, and Mr. Sandiford for their supervision and guidance throughout our adventurous endeavour.

Renée P.
Year 13 student