We are well into the 2021/2022 school year and pupils who take part in EAL lessons have already done so much! Pupils who have EAL with Miss Andrea get to improve their English through weekly lessons which focus on a variety of different skills ranging from reading comprehension, sight word recognition, vocabulary building and overall confidence building.

Pupils are either on their own or in a group of no more than four pupils at a time. As the EAL specialist teacher, I have the opportunity to work with pupils ranging from Year 1 to Year 5. Pupils are grouped based on their abilities and have lessons that are tailored to their needs. Throughout the year, groupings and lesson times will change to reflect the pupils’ progression and to guarantee that they aren’t always missing the same lessons from their classes. Pupils are given a folder which they keep all their work in and are given homework once a week. If they work hard in our lessons they get to choose a sticker at the end to decorate their folder with! This is definitely a highlight for the pupils and they love showing off all their beautiful stickers they collect throughout the year!

While we work very hard in every lesson, my focus in our lessons together is to make it as fun and engaging as possible so that the children participating can get the most out of our time together. I have a lot of English games that I use as a warm-up or a reward for hard work in our lessons. Some of the games focus on sight word recognition, spelling, grammar and speaking. Pupils always enjoy having the opportunity to play and often don’t even realise they are learning as well!

I look forward to continuing my role as EAL specialist in Park Lane!

Ms Andrea Arciuolo
Librarian & EAL Teacher