On Friday we had the last assembly at Norbertov. The assembly was kicked off with a warm welcome from Ms Nicola and Mr Joe and teachers from all classes with Star of the Week announcements. This highly anticipated event not only brought in the festive atmosphere but also captured the spirit of cultural blending, showcasing the diverse international spirit of our school community.

We also said the last goodbye to our teacher Ms Emerald Call, who will sadly be leaving Park Lane after many years service to the school. Emerald will be hugely missed not only by her colleagues but by the children too. Emerald is leaving to pursue her passion in catering and wishes to have more flexibility to travel home to the USA to meet family and friends. The whole school community wish her well and the best of luck in her future adventures.

We wish you a very happy, restful, healthy and safe festive period and all the best to some of our families who are leaving this term, wishing them good luck at their new schools and new communities.

Yours Park Lane