Many thanks to all who helped with the Fitness Challenge House event which took place on Thursday 26th January! The children were brilliant, it went smoothly and they all enjoyed themselves and showed some great skills. They children completed 5 stations and I would like to point out some fantastic results.

Agility run
1.Anna P 2R 14.001 (2.59 best Y6 results)      2. Marek 1C 14.84       3. Daniel S 2L 14.95

One hand throw
1. Alan J 2R 10.60     2. Ben H 1T 10.10     3. Marek B 1C  9.80

Skipping rope
Laura U 1T       Žofka V2L       Anna P 2R        Amy 2R

Long standing jump
1. Robin K 1.V 1.62cm       2. Anna P 2R 1.60cm       3. Daniel S 2L 1.30cm

Forward roll  gymnastics
Emilia 1V,      Anna H 2L,      Robin K 1V,      Luca 1V

Ms Lucie Měchová
PE Teacher