The Park Lane 2023-24 Learning Without Borders Week has come to an end with the last trip returning from the Šumava Mountains late on Friday evening. Our students enjoyed a fun-filled week outside of lessons, taking part in physical activities, art projects, and learning lifelong skills.

At Park Lane, we place a high value on giving our students a range of experiences during the school year, and this LWBW was no different. Thank you to all the staff who have been involved in organizing and attending these activities.

Here is a review of the event written by Vojta T:

Last week we embarked on a journey to explore many different flavours of the world. We were creating sweet, savory, and delicious food from around the world.  As a group, we created pizza, pasta, Italian desserts, hotdogs, and sushi. Every day came with highs and lows. Learning many skills, creating memories that will last for a long time, and finding taste new buds. Our days were filled with people messing around, having fun, and making delicious food with each person going home with their very own tasty food that they managed to cook. 

We learned various skills and techniques. From learning how to fry Schnitzel and roll good sushi, to learning how to roll pizza, make our pasta dough, and create specialist Italian sweet treats. Day after day we faced challenges that we had to solve within the group, lots faced culinary trouble in the kitchen, but overall we managed to solve them and learn from them. This was an unforgettable experience that many of us will never forget and cherish for a long time.

Learning without borders  embarked on a journey to explore many different flavours of the world.