How to get an Oscar for film music or even a Grammy award 

Sounds strongly unattainable, doesn’t it? And yet there is a path that leads to this goal. And our student Selina H. went with that.

It’s been four years since our student Selina started studying music theory, composing, and singing. First IGCSE music course and then IB DP music program. Selina was always extremely diligent, humble, and had a clear goal. I am therefore extremely pleased to announce that Selina has been accepted and with a scholarship to the best music university in the world, Berklee College in Boston.

Together with the best young musicians in the world, she embarks on a difficult journey, which was already preceded by famous composers and performers of film, pop, and rock music. Among the most notable are Grammy Award winners Joey Kramer from Aerosmith; McKee, Platzman, and Sermon from the Imagine Dragons; Diana Krall and many others.

I wish Seline wholeheartedly to find her unique style, and I firmly believe that one day we will learn about the great music she composes and the awards she earns for it.

Lada Bartošová
Head of Music department