Global Citizenship starts with a knowledge of how the world works and an awareness of the links between the local and the global. However, it goes beyond this to foster skills and attitudes which enable us to have a positive impact on the world, in the belief that we can make a difference. Building empathy, appreciating diversity and developing critical-thinking and conflict-resolution skills are all key to this approach. Global Citizenship acknowledges our responsibilities both to each other and to the earth itself. It is about understanding the need to tackle injustice and inequality, and having the desire and ability to do so. The earlier positive attitudes and skills can be developed, the better. For a young child, being a ‘good citizen’ means developing self-awareness and self-confidence, learning how to play and work well with others and recognising one’s place in the wider community.

Here on the Prague 5 Nessie Campus we want children to understand that they are members of a community and become aware of the wider aspects of this. Through the EYFS program children are enabled to explore the local community, for example: their classes, our school community, then our local surroundings and also the global community.

Mrs Dawn Warby
Prague Site Leader