At our Sibeliova campus at Prague 6 we are lucky enough to have a small, but rather special library. Our library is full of exciting books, puppets, resources and rhyming activities.

The layout is simple but effective for our Early Years Children. One side of the library is full of fiction books, including famous authors such as Julia Donaldson, Traditional Tales and Rhymes.

We are also lucky enough to have a small selection of Czech books. One rather unique section of the library focuses on PIE CORBETTS Reading Spine. Each section of the Reading Spine is separated into age categories and is used as permanent texts during our Library sessions.

Pie Corbett describes these books (Reading Spine) as ‘essential reads. They are almost all, very repetitive, rather like songs. This makes them easier for children to join in with, so that the experience of reading becomes interactive and the children begin to learn the story as they are read to. In each book, there is much to discuss to help the children understand the vocabulary, as well as what is happening. All of the books have pictures, which support the text but also complement and add to it. It is important to discuss the pictures and what is happening in them, as much as the text. After a while, the children get to know each story word for word, which can give great confidence to early readers in terms of fluency when reading.