For Holocaust Memorial Day, Year 9 visited the Jewish Museum in Prague. As part of the visit, they received a lecture on the persecution of Jews under the Nazi regime and engaged in a powerful workshop looking at individuals who played the part of perpetrator, bystander, rescuer as well as victim.

On January 28, the whole school came together in an act of remembrance during assembly. The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust selected the theme for this year as ‘One day’. Using this stimulus, we reflected on how lives can be utterly changed with devastating effect in the space of a day, or even a matter of moments. Students worked in their year groups to focus on one specific day in history that should never be forgotten.

Year 7 – 27/01/45 – Liberation of Auschwitz
Year 8 – 13/06/38 – the start of ‘Gypsy Clean-up Week’
Year 9 – 17/04/1975 – Khmer Rouge invade the capital of Cambodia
Year 10 – 06/04/1994 – Rwandan President’s plane is shot down.
Year 11 – 11/07/1995 – The start of the genocide in Srebrenica
Year 12 & 13 – 04/03/2009 – the International Criminal Court indict Omar al-Bashir for atrocities in Darfur

Should you wish to view the UK Memorial Ceremony visit this link.

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