We have recently completed an Hour of Code event at Park Lane International School and it turned out as a great success! Year 3, 4 and 5 pupils took part in the competition on the morning of Friday 2nd of December. The job at hand was clear. Complete a coding challenge within 60 minutes in order to complete the Hour of Code and receive a certificate and a medal. Pupils had a choice of either ‘Minecraft: Voyage Aquatic’ or ‘Space Invaders’ challenges and the overwhelming majority decided to tackle the Minecraft one. We are pleased to announce that all pupils managed to complete the challenge within the given time. 

A special shout-out should be given to the amazing work of the E-Safety Officers at Norbertov who assisted during the event. Their job was to learn the challenges ahead of time and be there as helpers and specialists.

They did an amazing job. The E-Safety Officers are:

3S – Max S, Cemre T.      3C – Ladislav H, Ella R      4J  – Kaila E, Klaudie V
4N  – Andrej F, Arian S      5L  – Daniel O, Frantishka D      5M – Natalie L, Tykhon Y.
5D – Bruno K, Jan D

If you would like to have another go with your child at home try this link CODE for some of the challenges:

Mr Jakub Zalopa
Head of ICT