IB Diploma Scholarships 

Studenti ParkLane při studijní přestávce na terase

The Park Lane IB Diploma Scholarship Programme is offered to our secondary school students who meet the requirements to qualify for the IB Diploma Programme which begins in Year 12 (16-17 years).

External applications are also considered in accordance with the following procedures.  

For further information, please contact  Mrs Karolína Schreiberová at karolina.schreiberova@parklane-is.com or +420 603 489 369.

Further information – International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP)

Parklane International School - studenti IB stipedinjního programu
  • Prospective scholarship candidates undergo an all-round selection process that will test their knowledge (English, Maths) and skills (logic, reasoning ability).
  • An important aspect of the admissions process is also the applicant’s ability to demonstrate the extent to which they are able to take advantage of the pedagogical approach and opportunities offered by Park Lane International School.
  • Each candidate will be interviewed by a selection panel led by the school Principal. This panel also assesses and evaluates the applicant’s academic performance over the past two years of study.
  • Candidates aspiring to become part of the IBDP must demonstrate that they are prepared to meet the high standards and rigorous course demands that will be set for them during the programme.
  • All scholarship applicants must undergo entrance tests in the English language, mathematics and academic aptitude. They must also provide evidence of their previous school records and submit a motivation letter.
  • Scholarship awards will be considered if candidates achieve outstanding results in the entrance tests. The same procedures will be followed for students who can demonstrate success in IGCSE, GCSE or their equivalent within another school system.

For further information, contact Mrs Karolína Schreiberová
 at karolina.schreiberova@parklane-is.com or +420 603 489 369.

Parklane International School - studentka IB stipedinjního programu

Students using the IB scholarship programme at Park Lane International School

Mariana Ahmadova
now in her 3rd year at UK, 3rd Medical School – a PLIS student for 2 years

The Scholarship Program opened the door to a comprehensive education that would have otherwise been unavailable to me as a regular high school student in Prague. The selection process also gave me my first glimpse of what a student-teacher relationship looks like at Park Lane, guiding and motivating students to improve their academic abilities. The curriculum itself emphasizes the acquisition of soft skills, and the teachers at Park Lane dutifully and casually put this curriculum into practice.

Paul Jan Popovich
3rd year at Imperial College London, Chemical Engineering – PLIS student for 7 years

I was awarded a full scholarship at Park Lane based on my academic skills and I don’t know if I am able to express how much it has helped me. Without this scholarship I would probably have gone to a grammar school, but it is hard to say whether I would have even applied to study at a prestigious foreign university without the help, direction and to some extent ambition that Park Lane provided me with in this regard. For me, my scholarship is not just a sum of money, but more importantly, an opportunity to have an education and hopefully a career that would otherwise have been denied to me.

 For further information, please contact Mrs Karolína Schreiberová at karolina.schreiberova@parklane-is.com or +420 603 489 369.