We are very proud to congratulate our Park Lane graduates on their recent success in their IB Diploma Programme (IBDP). Many have begun to take the next steps on their academic journey, heading to universities around the world, from Cambridge (England) to the Ivy League Cornell and Pennsylvania universities in the US – and to many other prestigious institutions in Europe and beyond. 

This year’s average of 34 points means that once again our students have outperformed the world average by at least four points, with 19% of them achieving a score of over 40 – a fantastic accomplishment. Despite the massive disruption of the pandemic to their education, our students have achieved an average score of 36 over the course of the past three years.

We would also like to warmly congratulate Simon I. for joining those students from Park Lane (Lukáš C., Sonia F. and Marianna O.) who have attained the perfect score of 45 during this period. This year just under 180,000 students worldwide completed the IBDP but only 179 candidates achieved the top score of 45. Therefore, we can certainly say that the remarkable Simon is truly ‘one in a thousand’.

It goes without saying that we are immensely proud of the many and varied achievements of the Park Lane Class of 2023.

IB Results May 2023

Park Lane Global
Average score 34 30
35-45 points 49% 28%
Subject scores average 5.38 4.84
Candidates achieving 45 points 1 *179 (from c. 180,000)

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