As part of their IB DP curriculum, students studying German are required to complete an internal assessment in their final year where they should be able to make connections to German culture, whilst exploring various topics and sharing their experiences. With this in mind, the Year 12 and 13 German students will be taking a trip to Dresden on Monday 4th December in order to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the history of the city, as well as to practice their speaking and listening skills.

This is an essential part of their German studies, exposing them to an authentic culture in a way that cannot be fully modeled within a classroom setting. Students will be researching a famous landmark in advance and will give an oral presentation at their chosen landmark. In addition, we will visit The Festung Xperience where students will be putting their listening comprehension to a real-life test while they experience 450 years old history through 360-degree projections and 3D audio technology. At the end of the day, students will be introduced to the oldest Christmas market in Germany, Striezelmarkt, where they will have the opportunity to speak German with locals when purchasing snacks or souvenirs.

Suvi Laakkonen
Teacher of German