Y11 students met with the IBDP coordinator, Mr Čihák, and Universities Counsellor, Ms Emmerich, in order to find out more about the IBDP programme, subject offers and procedures related to the subject choices and universities applications. This was the first session in a series about IBDP choices  and further events will follow with parents in January 2023. The time for the Y11s to start deciding about their IBDP pathways has already arrived, although they still have a lot ahead of them such as their May IGCSE examinations! The students are beginning to think about what lies beyond and how to keep their studies focused and individually tailored to suit their future aspirations. The current Y13 students’ input during this session enabled a fresh and authentic point of view from those who are now experiencing the IB programme.

We would like to invite Year 11 students and parents for and information and subject choices evening at our new IB Center, Úvoz 9 on Monday 23rd Januray 2023.

We look forward to seeing you !