Congratulations to Leontina in Year 5D for her recent success in a Karate Kyokushin tournament. She should be very proud of her achievement.

Kyokushin Karate was developed in Japan and it is the toughest karate style because it prepares its trainees for real fighting. When practicing this particular type of karate, the only pieces of safety clothing used are a face guard and a groin cover. Aside from those two pieces of equipment, full-contact fighting (Kumite) is permitted. It includes rough sparring exercises and as a result, its trainers will become competent fighters with a broad skill set, such as knowing how to punch and kick effectively while having high pain tolerance.The Prague Cup tournament took place on Saturday 19 November 2022 with some young athletes.

The participation in the tournament was very international and very experienced. Leontina participated for the first time in a competition in her weight and category. She had three matches. Three rounds against three different opponents. She won her first match by scoring a point with a kick to the head. The joy of the victory was spoiled by the information that her second opponent is from Germany and trains with her sister, who is a world champion. She went to the match very nervous. The opponent was really strong, she was 7 kg heavier and very experienced. There was also a 3rd fight for third places, which is not the case in other competitions as there are usually only two third places. Leontina mentally calmed down in less than 10 minutes and started the 3rd match with determination. She won and took a beautiful 3rd place. Her conquer from Germany won first place.