In November, we were lucky to be joined by the Konrady bagpipe group during special assemblies. It was invaluable for the children to listen to a live performance with such talented and passionate musicians. The family Czech bagpipe group, comprising of Azzurra Battistella (Year 3S) Antonin Konrady (her greatgrandfather) Vlastimil Konrady (her grandfather of Azzurra) Pavlina Battistella (her mum), first played a rousing polka.

They then went on to explain the traditional folk bagpipes and how they produce their sound. After some more music, they introduced some less conventional instruments that the family had made out of household items. The teachers in the audience came up and play these creative and challenging instruments much to the amusement of the children. We all joined in a song to end and the children were able to come up and play with the instruments and ask any questions to the musicians-a very memorable and hands on experience.

The children, staff and myself had a great musical experience and we look forward to welcoming the group back.

Ms Rosie Payne
Music Teacher