On December 20th, the Y12 students from the Úvoz campus had the extraordinary opportunity to visit the Kunsthalle modern art exhibition hall located in the heart of Prague. The visit provided a deeper understanding of Czech and international art from the 20th and 21st centuries, which contributed to new impulses for debate among the students.

Interpreting modern art can be challenging, and often multiple interpretations of a single work can emerge. This encouraged the students to engage in discussions and use their imaginations to reflect on current events in the world and their perceptions of it. This is also the vision of the Kunsthalle itself: “The aim is not to conserve art but rather to offer new perspectives and progressive tendencies, and to reflect on the world we live in.”

The main aspect of a visit to this exhibition centre is how it inspires visitors to reflect on the modern world, which is what many students took away from their experience. Through this visit, they were able to gain insight into the fascinating world of modern art and leave with a new appreciation for it.